Hundreds of vulnerable adults with mental disabilities are still languishing in institutions across the West, despite a Government promise to re-house them in the community.>Following the Winterbourne View scandal - which saw 6 people jailed for ill-treatment and neglect at a private hospital near Bristol - Sir Stephen Bubb has been leading a review into the treatment of adults with mental health illness. >Today he criticised the lack of progress and is now calling for a Commissioner to champion the rights of people with learning disabilities.

It's been five years since the abuse of young people with learning difficulties was highlighted by undercover journalist at Winterbourne View near Bristol. >It led to 11 prosecutions and a radical rethink of how we look after those in need. The care home has since closed - but now another report following the scandal has been released.

The report says a promise to improve care for vulnerable people isn't happening quickly enough. Credit: ITV West Country

It says a promise to improve care for vulnerable people isn't happening quickly enough.>People like Simon Tovey, a man with learning difficulties, spent a painful 15 months at Winterbourne View.

Simon spent 15 months at Winterbourne View. Credit: Family

His mother says his life was dramatically changed by going from the living with support in the community into an institution.

Anne says he went from having his freedom to being locked up.

Her thoughts are echoed in a new report out today by the man tasked with reviewing the care home sector - Sir Bubb. As the author, he's calling for the creation of a learning disabilities commissioner.

In the 21st Century they're providing a form of care and support that is so outdated and so wrong - and that's why I'm determined to see those institutions close. To ensure that happens, I'm proposing the Government establish a commissioner for people with learning difficulties - a post that would hold Government, the health service and schools to account.

Sir Stephen Bubb

His report revealed some shocking statistics.


vulnerable disabled people are still in institutions, 900 more than previously thought.

This figure is despite a Government pledge to move those inappropriately housed out.

Simon Tovey. Credit: Family

This isn't the first time Sir Stephen has made recommendations. Two years ago, in another report he said many people were being kept in care homes far from home for far too long.

This is the second report by Sir Stephen. Credit: report

Anne Early will never know all that her son suffered, but now Simon is living in what his mum calls his 'forever home' - independently, but with the help of carers.

An example Sir Stephen would say of how all vulnerable people should live their lives.