Collector buys John Lennon's hair for almost £25,000

John Lennon in 1964 Credit: Bjorn Larsson Ask/TT News Agency/Press Association Images

A lock of hair belonging to the late Beatle, John Lennon has been bought by a collector in Bristol for almost £25,000

Paul Fraser Collectibles acquired the clipping at Heritage Auctions in the States, with the hammer falling at $35,000 - around three times the estimate.

The lock was saved when Lennon had his hair cropped for Credit: Heritage Auctions

The lock was saved from a haircut in Hamburg in 1966 ready for the Beatle's performance in the comedy "How I Won the War". The trimmings were reportedly burnt to stop it being sold on but some were clearly kept.

Lennon wore a pair of round-framed glasses for the role, which he continued to wear for the rest of his life.

There's a £25,000 lock of hair missing in this clipping of Lennon in Credit: Heritage Auctions

It is a new world record for a lock of Lennon's hair. The previous record for a lock was £24,000 ($33,989), set at Gorringes in 2007.

John Lennon sporting the famous round glasses that he got a taste for during filming Credit: PA Archive