Is this the fattest hedgehog in the West?

A wildlife sanctuary in Wiltshire has had to put one of its charges on a diet. Like many of us, Superhog got into this state by overeating and under-exercising.

Watch Superhog as he weighs in at Oak & Furrow Wildlife Sanctuary in Cricklade.

A few of us might still be sticking to our new year's diets but it's not something you expect a hedgehog to have to do.

In fact during winter they normally lose weight as they eat up their fat reserves while hibernating.

But not Superhog. As Darren Squires from the Oak & Furrow Wildlife Sanctuary explains, he's had to be put on a diet because he's been overeating, and not getting enough exercise.

He should be, well it's difficult to describe it, we tend to go with the size of a melon, we have got other hedgehogs in which are pretty much the average size of a hedgehog, he is pretty much twice the size that we'd expect a hedgehog to be.

Darren Squires, Oak & Furrow Wildlife Sanctuary
And this is Superhog Credit: ITV News

Superhog weighs 1,712 grammes - more than double the weight of a hedgehog at this time of year, when they are usually quite slim because they've been hibernating.

So, how did Superhog end up like this? He was being looked after for the winter and it seems he turned into the hedgehog version of couch potato.

Generally a lack of exercise and an excess of food, if you bear in mind that they should be roaming around 2 kilometres a night to get whatever food they can find, this fellow probably had all the food he could want on a plate in front of him. so he's not been as active as a wild hedgehog would be.

Darren Squires, Oak & Furrow Wildlife Sanctuary

Once he's lost a bit of weight he'll will be ready for release.