Devonport incinerator: residents say their worst fears have been realised

The new £250 million incinerator in Plymouth Credit: ITV News

Residents living near a new incinerator at Devonport say their worst fears have been realised.

Last week a public meeting was held to discuss their concerns, but many local people feel their views have been ignored by the company, MVV Environment, which built the incinerator.

After three years of construction and £250 million of investment, the waste incinerator started work in January. It's set to burn through nearly a quarter of a million tonnes of waste every year, but it's already causing disruption in the surrounding areas.

Residents nearby have complained about the smell, the noise and flies in their homes. They say their worst fears have been realised:

I always said right from the beginning, it's too near, you know it should have been put somewhere else....but it just went ahead anyway didn't it? All the time you pull your curtains back and there it is, so you know it's just in the wrong place.

Ruth Crawford, resident

MVV Environment says the plant offers a clean, sustainable solution for the region's waste and is dealing with residents' problems.

Watch how one woman's life has been changed by the incinerator: