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The Wiltshire landmark that will soon be history

The chimney is as tall as Salisbury Cathedral but will soon be wiped from the Wiltshire landscape Credit: ITV News

The owners of the former Westbury cement factory have said the historic chimney will be demolished this spring, taking with it fond memories.

The 400 feet high structure has cast a shadow over the landscape of West Wiltshire for half a century. It is as tall as Salisbury Cathedral's spire but soon it'll be gone. The cement works - once one of the region's biggest factories is to be demolished.

The foundations of the cement works which were built in the early 1960s Credit: Westbury cement works

The factory was mothballed in 2009. Now the owner, Tarmac, has begun to pull it down.

But before then, former workers have made a rare visit back to the workplace.

Tim Edwards, the Depot Supervisor, remembers the heat of the kiln room, now long out of use. Temperatures would hit 700 degrees.

The cement works brought money and jobs to Westbury. Roger Shibley was one of three brothers who worked there for decades. He was astounded to find his old locker as had left it - complete with the stickers from the apple he took to work every day.

Each one of these apple stickers marks a day in the working life of Westbury cement worker Roger Shibley Credit: ITV News

The White Horse was Westbury's first claim to fame. The cement works and its chimney was the second.

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Demolishing these buildings, breaking up all this equipment and removing it will take months. But the chimney will go in the blink of an eye, when explosives teams hit the button this spring, taking with it 50 years of history in Wiltshire.

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