A village post office and stores in Cornwall, which was closed by flooding for 11 months is thriving again. The shop in Ponsanooth was badly hit by floods on Christmas Eve in 2013. Villagers rallied round to help the owners, even setting up a temporary shop in the local pub.

It was a Christmas villagers in Ponsanooth will never forget. Their post office swamped by flood water. Now three years later it's been transformed.

The village shop has been transformed since the floods, thanks to the community rallying round Credit: ITV News

Michelle Firminger who runs the shop says it's all down to the community.

"I hadn't ever lived in a village before coming to Ponsanooth and the community spirit,the community atmosphere,everyone just looks after each and pulls out the stops to do everything they can to help people."

Michelle Firminger, Ponsanooth Village Stores

Villagers helped to clear damaged stock,once the flood water drained away. It had come up to four feet inside the store - hip height on Michelle. She says everything up to that point was left covered in sewage.

It took eleven months to get back in - everything had to be taken out because of the sewage.

For a short while the village pub was used to sell supplies. Then a temporary store and mobile post office was set up in the driveway of Glenys Powell's home.

The temporary store and post office set up in a villager's driveway Credit: ITV News

"We had it here for about twelve months."

Glenys Powell, Villager

Michelle not only lost her shop. She also lost her home as she lived above the store. But the villagers again rallied round. She stayed in eight different houses during the eleven months.

There is still a fear that the shop could be hit again. The parish council is calling for more flood defences on top of what has all ready been carried out.

So many hands were involved in the rebuilding of the post office that Michelle got this plaque specially made to commemorate their efforts.