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Wiltshire astronaut Tim Peake takes Brit Awards to new heights with surprise appearance

Peake is currently on the International Space Station orbiting earth but donned black tie for his Brit moment Photo: ITV News

Wiltshire astronaut Major Tim Peake made a surprise appearance at the Brit music awards when he appeared live via the International Space Station to 'present' an award to Adele.

It's a huge honour to be part of this incredible night from up here on the International Space Station.

– Major Tim Peake

He was announcing the winner of the Global Success award - and a star struck Adele said her son would think she was "so cool" that Peake had announced her victory.

It was an emotional night for the singer who scooped four awards Credit: PA Wire

Thanks to Tim Peake, I love you - I hope you're okay and not too hungry.

– Adele