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Cornish charity helping an underground school in Syria

Not your normal Maths lesson: pupils learn in the safety and relative darkness of the cave Photo: Shelterbox

A Cornish-based aid charity has uncovered shocking footage of children being taught in a cave in Syria for their own protection.

The shocking footage shows 50 pupils huddling together in a makeshift school underground, in Tarmala, south west of Aleppo.

Shelterbox are delivering tents which will be used as classrooms, as they try and restore some normality to the lives of children. The civil war has led to 7.5 million people being forced to leave their homes.

Some of the tents we’ve provided are going to be used as classrooms until something better can be sorted out. This is just one example of the extreme conditions that people are living in.

– Sam Hewett, ShelterBox Operations Co-ordinator

A ceasefire is currently in place in the country and Shelterbox is taking truckloads of locally-purchased aid into the bomb-shattered ruins of Aleppo.

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We spoke to Sam Hewett from ShelterBox and pupils at Pilton Community College in Barnstaple.