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Ancient bones unearthed in a Plymouth church

Dozens of historic human bones have been found at a church during renovation works.

Crypts were uncovered at Stoke Damerel Church during work to replace the floor - it's believed their contents could date back as far as the 15th century.

An archaeologist has been called to examine the findings after this discovery.

These pieces have been found, these bits of bone, respectfully gathered with the intention of reinterring them as close as possible to the place where they were found.

– John Steere, churchwarden
Several different collections of human bones have been uncovered. Credit: ITV News

The discovery is not a total surprise - the churchwarden says the team were "pretty certain" renovation works would turn up something of this kind, "we just didn't know when".

So far, two or three collections of human remains have been found.

However, due to the carelessness of our Victorian predecessors, the bones are scattered across the church.

– John Steere, churchwarden
The bones will be reinterred as close as possible to where they were found. Credit: ITV News

The church is currently undergoing a £300,000 renovation project, with a new floor, underfloor heating and lighting being installed.

Stoke Damerel is one of the oldest churches in Plymouth – there has been worship on this site for more than seven hundred years, and these bones could help shed more light on its lengthy history.