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Burglar jailed after leaving trail of footprints to own door

Anthony Rudkin, 48, of Whitecross Road, Weston-super-Mare Photo: Avon and Somerset Police

The burglar in Weston Super Mare was caught after he left a trail of footprints from the scene of the crime right to his own front door.

Anthony Rudkin, 48, ransacked his neighbour's flat but in the process knocked over a bag of flour.

He left a footprint in the flour and a trail which led all the way back to his own flat.

Police were able to follow the footprints to Rudkin's flat where they found more flour along with a pair of gloves and trainers with the same sole pattern as that left in the flour.

Some investigations are incredibly complex and require some thorough and intelligent police work.

However, in this case the actions of the victim and the attending officers resulted in Rudkin's quick arrest and seizure of key evidence.

Rudkin thought he was being clever by using gloves to cover his tracks but failed to realise he had trodden in flour and led us straight to his front door.

– Avon and Somerset Police