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Monkey's feast on pasties for St Piran's at Newquay zoo

Fancy a mealworm pasty? These squirrel monkeys did! Photo: Newquay Zoo

It wasn't the traditional cornish filling - instead the primates gorged on pasties full of mealworms.

The pretend pasties made out of paper plates dyed with tea and stuffed with shredded paper.

The fake pasties were designed to encourage foraging behaviour Credit: Newquay Zoo

It is always great to encourage the animals to work a little for their food, as in the wild they would have to spend much of the day rummaging for it.

The pasties were so popular with our primates, maybe they should be entered into the Pasty Championships, and they could be a real winner!

– John Meek, Curator of Animals
Squirrel monkeys eat primarily primarily fruits and insects. Credit: Newquay Zoo

It is so lovely to see our monkeys enjoying their St Piran’s Day celebratory snack. We gave them all-natural pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and we thought we’d see how these went down, and they were thrilled!

– Nicole Howarth, Senior Primate Keeper