Josh Hadfield who's from Somerset, developed narcolepsy and another condition after receiving the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine 6 years ago.

He's been awarded £100,000 in compensation by the government - money his mother says will help secure his future.

Below is Josh Hadfield having an attack - it was filmed by his mum to show experts just how his debilitating his illness can be.

The ten year old is laughing at a video - But the more emotional he gets the more likely he is to collapse - while still remaining conscious.

Until 2010, Josh was a normal, healthy little boy but then:


Josh received the swine flu vaccine.


3 weeks after having the vaccine Josh was drastically sleepier.


Josh is assessed in a sleep study.

Josh wasn't diagnosed until February 2011, since then his family have fought tooth and nail against the Government.

Children are entitled to £120,000 through the Government's Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme, but only if they can prove "severe" disability.

There are around a hundred other children who have cases the pipeline, and that like Josh - have already slept away half their childhood.

The decision to award payments takes into account the individual circumstances of each case and the latest available medical evidence. Claimants have the opportunity to appeal if they disagree with a decision.

Department for Work and Pensions