Release of amazing rail archive means everyone can enjoy the age of steam

Credit: South West Film Archive

How about a step back in time to the age of steam. A collection of new films which show the glorious history of our railways here in the South West have been unveiled.>They've been made available to the public through a partnership between the British Film Institute and the South West Film Archive.

The newly released collection celebrates the history of train travel. It's made up of more than 200 films - many made available to the public for the first time.

Credit: South West Film Archive

The films have now been put online for all to enjoy - lots of the footage was taken by amateur film-makers.

Lots of the film features the West at heightened points in history. Credit: South West Film Archive

The collection means we can once again travel on these tracks and visit long lost stations. It takes us on a journey that spans more than a century.

Miniature rail enthusiasts. Credit: BFI

Re-live the age of steam with Lauren Hall who has this report, jam-packed with archive footage from back in the day.

You can find the films here on the BFI website.