D-Day: Is the West about to get one more elected mayor?

Voters in BANES go to the ballot boxes today. Credit: ITV News

Voters in Bath and North East Somerset head to the ballot boxes to decide if they want an elected mayor.

The council is currently run by a cabinet and leader. If BANES votes for an elected mayor, another election will be held later in the year.


total cost of the referendum

The count for the Referendum will be held at the University of Bath, on Thursday 10 March, starting at 10pm after voting closes.


voting opens

The authority is holding a referendum over whether to have an elected mayor of this area. Credit: ITV West Country

The referendum is taking place after over 5% of electors requested it via a petition. >6,817 people who signed that petition matched entries on the electoral register. The total number of valid entries required to validate the petition was 6,437.

Canvassing taking place across the Bath and North East Somerset area. Credit: ITV West Country

Who can vote at the referendum?

  • Those registered to vote in Bath and North East Somerset

  • aged 18 or over

  • a British citizen, an EU citizen or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen