'It costs to be disabled': Thalidomide survivor still fighting for justice

Louise says her body is five to ten years older than she is. Credit: ITV West Country

It was dubbed 'The Wonder Drug', prescribed to prevent morning sickness - but its devastating effects are still being felt more than five decades later, for children whose deformities and health problems were cause by thalidomide.

One of them, Louise Medus-Mansell from Cheltenham, has been fighting for justice her entire adult life - and now believes that demands for compensation from the German government have moved a major step forwards, after last night's country-wide debate in the European Parliament.

Campaigners are pressing for £10 million a year in compensation for thalidomide survivors, claiming the country's government stalled court action in the 1970s which would have helped those affected.

For Louise and many others this is not just about getting justice - it's about getting it soon, as most thalidomide victims are now in their 50s, and in worsening health.