Becky Watts dad: daughter's killers are 'another Fred and Rose West'

The dad of murdered Bristol teenager Becky Watts has said he "truly fears" for children if his daughter's killers are released from jail.

Speaking to ITV West Country Darren Galsworthy compared murderer Nathan Matthews, and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare, who was found guilty of manslaughter, to Fred and Rose West.

Matthews murdered 16-year-old Becky after hatching a sexually-motivated plot to kidnap her with Hoare.

Now, just over a year after his daughter's death, and four months since her killers were convicted, the teen's dad, Darren Galsworthy has said he hopes they are never released.

Becky Watts was just 16 when she was brutally killed and dismembered by her stepbrother Nathan Matthews, and his girlfriend, Shauna Hoare.

The teenager went missing from her home in February last year. After a two-week police hunt, her body was eventually discovered in a Barton Hill shed.

Comparing Matthews and Hoare to notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West he dubbed them "demons", and said they had had other victims lined up.

Speaking after the release of a tell-all book Darren said he had gone to the morgue to see Becky, and had insisted on seeing every part of her.

Darren added he wrote the book so people knew "what a wonderful girl she actually was".

Darren said he found writing the book "therapeutic" and hoped it answered many of the questions they had been asked since Becky's death.

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