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New junior doctors' contracts are 'frank discrimination'


Junior doctors at Royal Cornwall Hospital say they're prepared to quit if forced to accept a new government contract, which they say will discriminate against part-time workers, working mums and be a "criminal waste" of skills and experience.

Thousands across England took part in a 48-hour strike as part of a row with the government over these new contracts, with more strikes planned for April.

Dr Natasha Hougham works a

part-time week

while studying for


She argues that most part-time doctors in training are working mums - who would be earning a lower hourly rate than full-time colleagues under the contracts.

Trainee surgeon Dr Sophie Welchman says under the new rota she'll be earning an hourly rate of

at weekends

while paying childcare of five times that amount. She says she may not be able to afford to carry on, and that this would be a "criminal waste" of her skills and experience.

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