What are the chuckle brothers doing in South Devon?

The duo that brought us famous catch phrases like "To Me" "To You" are helping a South Devon based company become a worldwide hit.>The pair we're referring to are of course the legendary Chuckle Brothers.

To people of a certain age. The Chuckle Brothers are the Kings of comedy.>The children entertainers became known for their range of catch phrases and now they've been used by a Teignmouth based company to promote their latest video game. > The Real Life gaming experience sees the pair try to carry out a deadly assassination mission on a Serbian arms dealer, and Oldway Mansion in Paignton is their backdrop.

The game called Hitman, sees Barry and Paul as Agent 47's "handlers" sitting in a control room watching the action unfold on screen.

Not the kind of thing you'd normally expect from the comedy duo.

Realm Pictures are now considering which celebrities to ask to get involved in their next game.