Parking zone 'too restrictive' say business owners

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It's just over a year since one of Bristol's most controversial parking schemes was introduced. >Opposition to the Clifton Residents' Parking Zone was so bitter that protesters hired a 25 tonne tank to make their point, and rows with Mayor George Ferguson boiled over into the street.

There's a lot of money in the town, a lot of independent trade but not a lot of parking. The council's solution to stopping commuters dumping their cars all day was to introduce residents parking zones, and pay and display for shoppers. >It's a bitter death knell for businesses, the protesters argued, but the plans went ahead.

Clifton, 2014. Bristol's most genteel neighbour hood was anything but. Credit: ITV West Country

Mayor George Ferguson might have been right to introduce it though - because one year on, even Tony Miles - who hired the tank, isn't calling for the scheme to be scrapped.

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There are mixed opinions all over Clifton Village about how successful the scheme's been, and which bits of it need changing.>Jemima Milne is a trader, she sees both sides of the argument.

Another of the big unsolved complaints is this.

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This is the only zone in the city operating till 9pm. The idea was to help the late-opening businesses. But it's doing the opposite, say pub owners.

The council has made over a half a million pounds from Clifton's machines in twelve months.

Credit: ITV West Country

So the tank's has gone, some of the anger's subsided, but Clifton's parking zone is here to stay.