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West school bans sugar to tackle obesity

Is banning sugar the answer to helping super sized children? Photo: ITV News

How much is sugar playing a part in creating a childhood obesity epidemic? Last week the Chancellor announced he would be introducing a 'sugar tax' on fizzy drinks, but some schools are already ahead of the game.

You wont find sugar at Glenfrome Primary School in Bristol Credit: ITV News

Glenfrome Primary School has banned unhealthy snacks and drinks at the school gates. It has been awarded 'healthy school status' in the city, but getting to this point and sticking to the rules has been a challenge as Head teacher Inger O'Callaghan explains:

How much sugar is hidden in common snacks and drinks?

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

Our Health Correspondent Katie Rowlett asked children their opinion:

In an attempt to beat the bulge outside of the classroom Public Health England has been running sugar road shows across the region, teaching people how to use a new app.

Credit: ITV News

It's designed to read food barcodes and give us a quick reminder of how much of the sweet stuff is hidden inside.

People aren't aware of how much is in their food, and the more sugar people are taking means it's increasing rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes and even cancer.

– Clark Stevens, Sugar Smart Road Show

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