Energy Secretary declines £100 bet over the future of Hinkley C nuclear power station

Although she declined the bet, Amber Rudd said she's "completely confident" that the Hinkley Point C project will go ahead Credit: ITV News

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has declined to take up a £100 bet from a Labour MP over the future of Hinkley C.

The proposed nuclear power station on the Somerset coast, has been repeatedly delayed over technical and financial concerns, and yesterday it emerged that the French firm EDF may put off a final decision till May.

Labour MP Rob Marris challenged the Energy Secretary to say whether it would go ahead without further public money.

So, how did she respond?

Ms Rudd insisted the multibillion-pound Hinkley Point C project will go ahead although she came under pressure to assure MPs it will not be with further public money.

Labour's Rob Marris, who is MP for Wolverhampton South West warned "ridiculously large" subsidies have already been offered by the UK Government to the project.

Amber Rudd replied: "I'm not in the habit of taking bets across the chamber but I'm very happy to reassure you that I'm completely confident that the Hinkley Point C project will go ahead and it will not be the only new nuclear reactor commissioned under this Government."