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Children find out how easy is it to make tasty healthy food

We know Britain is facing an obesity crisis, but those of us with a sweet tooth know how hard it is to change our eating habits. So it makes sense to get good habits early.

One school in Plymouth where they're keen on healthy eating, invited a top chef in to show how easy it is to make tasty healthy food.

Credit: ITV West Country

River Cottage chef Matthew Norton has popped into High View School to pass on some of his ideas for reducing sugar content, which he's tested at home.

I have a little boy about the same age as these children, and when he has that one chocolate that he always wants every day. That's all he does have. And I say, that's it. He says, 'But why daddy?' and I say, it's got a lot of sugar in it mate.

– Matthew Norton, head chef
Credit: ITV West Country

The Government's long-running Change 4 Life campaign is aiming to get youngsters 'Sugar Smart' so they don't pile on the pounds through ignorance.

Pupil Madison Lillian is now quite a nutrition expert.

The school hopes the message will get out to the rest of the family.

The whole idea of a day like today is to get some of our children together, educate them and they can be inspired by what they've seen today.

They can then pass that on to their parents, and hopefully then the message will carry forward.

– Marie Mitchell, teacher