Becky Watts' killer Nathan Matthews begins second appeal against his sentence

One of the killers of Becky Watts has launched a second appeal against his sentence.

Nathan Matthews was convicted of killing his step-sister Becky and sentenced to 33 years in prison last November.

Last month a judge threw out an attempt by the 28-year-old to appeal against both his conviction and sentence.

Former takeaway delivery driver Matthews has been in prison for nearly 5 months but has now lodged a further application at the Court of Appeal.

A spokesman for the Judicial Office said:

Shauna Hoare was jailed for 17 years for Becky's manslaughter.

Matthews' girlfriend Shauna Hoare was jailed for 17 years for the manslaughter of the 16-year-old.

Her attempt to appeal against her conviction and sentence was also dismissed last month by a single judge.

Becky Watts was subjected to a terrible ordeal suffering more than 40 injuries before her death last February.

Bristol Crown Court heard the pair targeted Becky due to their dislike of her and a shared sexual interest in teenage girls.

They took tape, handcuffs and a stun gun to her home in Crown Hill, Bristol, and let themselves in when they knew Becky was alone. Becky, dubbed "Bristol's angel" by her family, suffered more than 40 injuries before she was smothered to death.

Former TA soldier Matthews, along with Hoare, dismembered Becky with an 80 inch circular saw in the bathroom of their home in Cotton Mill Lane in February last year.