Nick Blackwell's management team say there is no timetable to bring the boxer out of an induced coma

The management team of boxer Nick Blackwell have told ITV Westcountry there is no agreed timetable on bringing him out of an induced coma.

Reports had suggested the 25-year-old from Trowbridge would be woken up in the next few days after suffering a bleed on the brain.

He was taken to hospital in London after Saturday's British middleweight title fight with Chris Eubank Junior was stopped in the tenth round.

Blackwell remains in an induced coma nearly a week on from the fight. Credit: PA Images

The fight and how it was handled have caused controversy since Blackwell was wheeled from the ring on a stretcher last weekend.

Speaking afterwards, his opponent Chris Eubank Jr and his father Chris Eubank Sr both said they would have stopped the fight.

Former boxer Eubank Sr told his son to stop punching his opponent in the head and to move on to body shots during the fight, saying Blackwell would be hurt if the shots to the head continued.

But others have defended Blackwell's management and the referee - arguing no-one was to blame for his injuries.