Residents angry they're unable to receive Freeview television channels

Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of people around Exmouth are able to watch Freeview channels again tonight after being without television for four days. >A local transmitter has been out of action. But what's made them really angry is that no one would accept responsibility for sorting it out.

When hundreds of people in Exmouth complained their TV signal had disappeared, they were told their local transmitter was fine.

But Don Holman, who's virtually housebound with a chronic lung condition, has had a blank screen since Thursday night.

The Holmans called various people, and were sent round in circles, increasing their frustration and the cost.

The transmitter people thought everyone in Exmouth was watching their Beacon Hill mast, but a look at the TV aerials around here shows them pointing in all directions.

Credit: ITV West Country

Most people should now be back to normal, But many people who tried re-tuning their TVs now have to set them up all over again.