Bristol mechanic takes customer car out on joyride and breaks speed limit

A dashboard camera filmed a mechanic 'joyriding' a customer car Credit: David Argust

A dashboard camera filmed a mechanic 'joyriding' a £40,000 car which had been taken in for repairs at a Bristol garage.

David Argust's Mercedes-Benz was filmed breaking the speed limit nine times in less than ten minutes as the mechanic drove it around Cribbs Causeway.

Mr Argust, who is a chauffeur, feared he might lose his licence if police mistakenly believed it was him at the wheel.

He claims the company, Mercedes-Benz of Bristol have now told him he is no longer welcome at any of their garages.

The footage shows the E300 AMG being driven at 58mph in a 40mph zone. Later it is clocked at 35mph in a car park which has a limit of 5mph.

Watch the full report by Robert Murphy here: