100 year old celebrates his birthday with a skydive from 10,000 feet

As well as the obligatory birthday cake, Verdun Hayes wanted to celebrate his 100th birthday with something a little out of the ordinary... Credit: ITV News

A 100-year-old man has celebrated his birthday in spectacular fashion - and broken a UK record at the same time.

Verdun Hayes from North Devon fulfilled a long-standing ambition to skydive from 10,000 feet - the oldest person in Britain to do so.

Afterwards he said that given the chance he'd do it all again tomorrow.

Actually I wanted to do it ten years ago but I got talked out of it. But I was determined that on my hundredth birthday I would definitely do the jump.

Verdun Hayes
Gearing up for take-off. Credit: ITV News

Verdun was fearless before the jump - unlike his family.

I'm really shaky - I've got a cup of hot chocolate here but I wish it was something a bit stronger! I'm wishing him all the best, and I'm very proud of him too, and my grandsons.

Lin Tattersall, daughter

He jumped along with two of his great grandsons - who said they were honoured but terrified to join him.

Watch how he got on:

Coming out of the plane into the free fall - it was lovely. I could see the Bristol Channel and all through North Devon. It was absolutely beautiful.

Verdun Hayes

We caught up with all three once they'd made it safely back to the ground.

Verdun, who was named for the World War One battle area which his father survived, was not only celebrating his 100th birthday but raising money for the North Devon hospice - who say he is truly inspirational.

Now he has his sights set on next year - when at 101, he could qualify for the World Record.