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Wildlife creche opens to care for orphaned animals

A new room dedicated to caring for orphaned wildlife has opened at a rescue centre in Somerset.

Volunteers donated materials and time to help build the Secret World creche that's already home to baby squirrels and rabbits.

A baby squirrel is among the first orphans to be cared for in the new wildlife creche at Secret World Credit: Secret World

Two of it's first visitors, orphaned squirrels Buddy and George are being looked after be volunteer Laura Bloxham.

Buddy is being treated for an eye injury, while George was caught by a cat.

The adorable animals are given regular feeds of milk replacement and are kept warm in an incubator.

An orphaned rabbit being cared for in the new wildlife creche Credit: Secret World

Baby rabbits are also taking advantage of the new space, and through the year it will house baby hedgehogs, leverets, owlets, swifts and more.

These orphans need round the clock care, and their carers need to bring the babies on site while they are working here as staff and volunteers. Now they can stay in an area that is quiet and infection-free, with all the right equipment to keep them warm, clean and fed.

The room is fitted with a one way window, so visitors will be able to take a look inside.

– Jess Crabtree, section leader
An orphaned squirrel is fed by hand at the new creche Credit: Secret World