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Man reveals why he relies on foodbanks as numbers reach record level

A Bristol man who has worked for 30 years, paid his way through life, paid his debts and his mortgage, has told us how he had no other option than to turn to a foodbank.

He's spoken to us as it emerged that the numbers of people using foodbanks are at record levels across the West, and rising in one part of Bristol.

Bristol man reveals why he's relying on foodbanks Credit: ITV News

50 year old Wayne Charlton has worked for more than 30 years, 19 of them with BT. But he and his wife are now redundant and looking for jobs. Despite the embarrassment he's made a brave decision to admit they need help from the foodbank. He used to wonder how people came to need them, he's not wondering now.

At the North Bristol Trussel Trust foodbank 45 tons of food has been donated over the past year. It's all vitally needed as here demand is increasing.

parcels of food were given out to people in 2014
parcels of food given out THIS year
children are known to have been helped in this area alone
10,628 three day packs of food have been handed out in Bristol Credit: ITV News

Across the whole of Bristol more than 10,628 three day packs of food have been handed out to around 5000 separate people but those figures don't include other independent foodbanks.

"I think there are a number of reasons, some of it can be to do with benefit delays and changes, some of it is people living on just enough and then a crisis comes along and everything unravels rapidly."

– STEWART NORTH, Foodbank volunteer

Wayne and his wife have had just £80 in benefits in eight weeks because of delays after they missed an interview when she had to go to hospital for a week with a blood disorder. They've had to borrow money from both their mother's pensions to survive.

"We made it perfectly clear to them that we had no money, we had no food. They weren't forthcoming with an emergency loan, they weren't forthcoming with foodbank vouchers, we had to request them ourselves."

– Wayne Charlton

He is looking for work, he had a job interview this morning. When he gets a job one of the first things he'll do is make a donation to the foodbank.