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Exclusive: West MP denies wrongdoing after election overspend claims

A West MP has denied any wrongdoing after claims he overspent on his General Election campaign.

Channel 4 News says Scott Mann should have declared the cost of a so-called 'Battle Bus' and hotel bills for volunteers, who helped him win North Cornwall for the Conservatives.

Had he done so, the programme says he would have exceeded the legal limit by more than £2,000.

The Electoral Commission is now investigating - and could refer the case to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Scott Mann MP, Conservative, North Cornwall

In an exclusive interview we spoke to Mr Mann as part of our political programme, The West Country at Westminster - he told us he didn't think he had done anything wrong.

Today David Cameron said his party had made an "error" in its election campaign expenses and said The Electoral Commission had been alerted.


Channel 4 says Scott Mann's spending return made no mention of:

  • The specially branded coach - which cost £1,133 a day. They say the Conservatives declared that as a national, not a local expense.
  • The Eden Project Youth Hostel where the volunteers stayed. The cost was £1,083.
The amount Scott Mann's campaign would have allegedly overspent if all had been disclosed.
Channel 4 News have made the allegations Credit: Channel 4 News

Spending limits are set by The Electoral Commission to ensure a "fair fight" between candidates in each constituency. They are divided between national and local spending.

The allegations come as part of a wider investigation by Channel 4, looking into spending by the Conservative party during the 2015 General Election.

Mr Mann says he welcomes the investigation.

You can watch the full interview here: