King Arthur statue revealed at Tintagel Castle after claims the landmark is becoming like Disneyland

A bronze sculpture has been revealed at Tintagel Castle despite claims the Cornwall landmark is becoming too much like Disneyland.

The statue is the centrepiece of a new visitor experience which explores the Castle's history and the role of legends in shaping the site for visitors.

The new attraction will go on public display at the end of the week alongside a series of panels charting Tintagel's 1500-year history.

English Heritage says the statue is called Gallos - the Cornish word for power. Credit: ITV News

The statue is so large it had to be airlifted onto the site by helicopter.

English Heritage say it's called Gallos - the Cornish equivalent of power - and has been inspired both by King Arthur and other stories from the Castle's history.

The statue is so large it had to be airlifted in by helicopter. Credit: ITV News

Last month a group of 200 Cornish historians criticised plans by English Heritage to turn Tintagel Castle into what they called a “fairytale theme park” based on the legend of King Arthur.

In a letter the Cornwall Association of Local Historians called on caretakers to highlight the Castle's true past instead of focusing so heavily on the Arthurian legend.

The statue is the latest in a long list of plans for Tintagel that campaigners say have made it feel like Disneyland. Credit: ITV News

There were also complaints after the head of Merlin was carved into the rock-face on the site.

In reply English Heritage defended their approach to preserving and celebrating Tintagel saying they were committed to telling its story.

The sculpture and other new attractions will open to the public on Friday. Credit: ITV News

The public will get their chance to assess the sculpture over the Bank Holiday weekend when it opens on Friday.