Illegal badger killing increasing

This male badger was trapped in a snare Credit: ITV West Country

Badgers are a protected species and killing them without a license is illegal.

But the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre near Burnham-on-Sea say cruel treatment of badgers is on the rise. Cases have increased dramatically since the culling programmes were rolled out.

This male badger was found dead on the side of a road in Locking.

It had been caught in a snare, causing horrific injuries - according to vets he would have suffered a slow and painful death.

The badger had severe constriction injuries Credit: Secret World

The snare was not attached to any securing line so the badger must have must have struggled free or been caught on a drag snare which is attached to a loose log.

The veterinary report Credit: Secret World

No animal deserves to suffer in this way. We are appealing to anyone with any knowledge of wildlife crime that they will report it to their Police Wildlife Liaison Officer or the National Wildlife Crime Unit.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Secret World say a lactating female badger was found shot in March, again having taken hours or days to die. Her death would have meant her cuds would have died too.