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Parents prepare to pull children out of school in strike action

It's the daily routine of children everywhere, leaving home and heading for school.

But for one day next week, 7-year-old Abby and her 10-year-old sister Amy will be missing their lessons at their primary schools in Gloucester.

Their mother is leading local strike action in protest to Government changes to education and others planned.

I'm confident there's going to be a really good turn out because parents have had enough.

I don't take my children out of school lightly, obviously, but I feel one day out of their education compared to what the government is doing to the education system is definitely worth it.

– Emma Larkman
Emma and her daughters Abby and Amy Credit: ITV West Country

Emma Larkman says her children won't be sitting next month's revamped SATS test papers which critics say are more about measuring school performance than children's abilities.

Next Tuesday's action also opposes plans to convert every school in the country into an academy and out of local authority control.

Now unions are threatening strike action by teachers, too.

Whole scale academisation of schools will mean that our national pay and conditions for teachers which have been negotiated over many years and will helped to establish the professionalism of the service will be swept away.

– John Pemberthy, Gloucestershire National Union of Teachers

Next week's action, promoted on social media, will see potentially thousands of children miss school with the threat of further strikes if the Government refuse to U-turn.

A map of all the school strikes
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Parents risk fines if they pull pupils out of school but many believe it'll be a price worth paying for their children's future.

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