Phone line mix up leaves villagers with neighbours' numbers

A phone line mix up has left villagers with neighbours' numbers Credit: David Cheskin/PA

A phone line mix-up has caused chaos in a village - after residents were left with their neighbours's numbers.

Engineers were sent to replace a trunk line which was rubbing against a tree in Cliffords Mesne, in the Forest of Dean.

But after work around 50 homes found they had phone numbers which belonged to their neighbours.

Resident John Franklin said his phone was completely cut off and around 50 neighbours had each other's numbers.

He said the supply comes via a trunk cable from Newent, part of which had been rubbing against a tree - giving faults - which meant it had to be replaced.

They cut out a section, but as the new cable was different, it was mixed up.

General view technician installs new junction box Credit: Peter Byrne/PA

The fault began last Wednesday (April 20) and it's thought residents were told to report the problems to their provider.

Credit: Peter Byrne/PA

BT blamed the crossed wires on contractors working for their subsidiary Openreach and claimed just 15 homes were affected.