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Plymouth obesity problem rising despite fast food ban

Plymouth Council stopped new fast food shops because residents are 'too fat' Photo: PA Images

Obesity related admissions to Derriford hospital in Plymouth, Devon have gone up by a third in the last year. That's despite the city's council stopping new fast food shops opening to stop residents getting fat.

The amount of patients being taken in because of weight issues shot up in the past 12 months. Credit: PA Images

Plymouth council banned a new takeaway from opening last year because it's population already has an 'excess weight' issue.

77 admissions
58 admissions

The rise is put down to a big increase in female admissions.

  • female admissions have gone up more than 50%, from 40 to 61
  • weight-loss surgery admissions have gone up 25%, from 44 to 55
  • the number of women having weight loss surgery has gone up 38%, from 34 to 47
Carrying excess weight has a number of health implications Credit: PA Images

A leading government obesity advisor says the crisis is largely down to environmental factors, not a lack of self-control from the overweight and that it is not overweight people's fault that some find it so hard to eat less.

"Obesity has increased so greatly over the last few decades. "That's not a national collapse in willpower. It's something about our environment that has changed. "You need in some cases a superhuman effort to reduce your food intake. Is that their fault? I don't think it is."

– Susan Jebb, Oxford University