Food Connections Festival gives a flavour of Bristol

More than 200 events promoting the Independent food scene in Bristol are taking place as part of the Food Connections festival. It highlights the work of people who have given up the day-job to do something they really love.

Like Anita Cheung. She was studying a PhD in immunology in London. But gave it up to move to Bristol and set up a dim sum street market stall.

Anita says the indie food scene in the city was what helped start her success:

Bristol has a booming independent food sector.


Food businesses based in Bristol


estimated amount spent on food and drink by visitors during trips to the city

A selection of flavoured fudge on offer at the city festival. Credit: ITV News

Bristol's really unique in that we're very geographically blessed in the products we get from the surrounding countryside. We have access to some really great quality produce coming in to the city

Aine Morris, Festival Manager

The festival runs until May 7.