A little boy from Cornwall who lost his arms and legs to meningitis will get the chance to meet his soccer heroes in the next few days.>A picture of 8-year-old Marshall Janson in the kit of his favourite team Tottenham Hotspur has produced the best possible result. He's going to watch them on Sunday, and next week he'll train with his heroes.

Marshall had feared that people would laugh at him when he played football, but a pair of prosthetic legs boosted his confidence. >After a video of him training in a Spurs shirt went viral Marshall was invited to meet and play with his heroes before their final home game on Sunday.

Credit: ITV West Country

Marshall was just a year old when he contracted meningitis. He twice nearly lost his life. The only way to save him was to amputate his arms and legs. Since then Marshall, who is now 8, has learned to adapt by using prosthetic limbs. >A fund was set up to pay for the limbs which will cost up to a million pounds until he is fully grown.>It was through social media that Spurs found he was a fan and invited him to train with his idols next week. Before that he is going to watch them play on Sunday in their final home game of the season.

It's just been absolutely amazing.It all started off with our friend Mark taking a photo and it was posted on a public media site and it's gone absolutely crazy since then.

Stephanie Jason, Marshall's mother
The picture of Marshall in his Spurs kit got 20,000 hits online. Credit: ITV West Country
Marshall's allegiance to Spurs comes from Glenn Lara who looks after him at his school in Perranporth. Credit: ITV West Country

Marshall's favourite player is Harry Kane because "he scored lots of goals last season". He's definitely looked forward to meeting the team, but especially Harry on Sunday.