Unexploded bomb in Bath is made safe

The bomb will be transported to a safe place before it is disposed of Credit: ITV News

An unexploded wartime device which was found in a school playground in Bath has been made safe.

Police says the 500lb shell has been de-activated by experts.

The bomb has been removed from the site and taken out of Bath to be disposed of in a controlled manner.

Chief Superintendent Ian Smith, Area Commander for Bath, thanked residents and local businesses who had been affected by the incident.

"Thank you for your patience, co-operation and support throughout the last 24 hours," he said.

"We have worked as quickly and diligently as possible to limit the disruptioncaused but, as you can expect with an incident of this nature, public safety has to be our primary concern.

"As soon as the cordon is removed and all roads are clear, we will update all the local residents so they can return home."

A 300-metre exclusion zone was set up following the discovery at the Royal High School Bath on Lansdown Road on Thursday afternoon.

Contractors unearthed the 500lb Second World War shell from beneath the surface of the school's playground, which had been in use until two years ago.

Residents from 1,100 properties nearby were advised to leave immediately upon the bomb's discovery.

Three primary schools were closed, along with a doctor's surgery, and drivers were asked to consider if it was "absolutely necessary" for them to travel into the city.