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'It's disgraceful that these cars are still allowed on the road'

One of the faulty Vauxhall Zafira bursts into flames Credit: Lisa Taperek

A campaign led by two women from Devon has resulted in a second recall of thousands of Vauxhall Zafiras. Sue Freemantle and Claire Wheatley demanded action after their own cars burst into flames. They then discovered that hundreds of other drivers had also been affected.

The affected cars are right-hand drive Zafira Bs, built between 2005 and 2014. All the models have manual transmission or no air conditioning.

Sue Freemantle, who's from Ivybridge, created a Facebook group of concerned owners.

She's been contacted by 15 people since the recall in December 2015 whose cars have still been catching fire.

Recently a lady had her car parked outside a house. She had just come home and had to get here two young children out and it caught fire.

It's destroyed her home, same as it did mine. It's disgraceful that these cars are still allowed to be on the road.

– Sue Freemantle, Campaigner

Vauxhall says it will be writing to customers with details about the second recall. It has released the following statement.

After extensive investigations we have decided to improve the overall robustness of the system. We will be initiating a second recall to replace the current soldered fuse resistor with a wax fuse resistor so reducing the opportunity for manipulation.

– Vauxhall Zafira

But Sue Freemantle and Claire Wheatley are worried. They want the problem cars to be taken off the road until the work is done.

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