Jail for man who attacked 90-year-old war veteran on a mobility scooter

A pedestrian has been jailed for a savage attack on a 90-year-old war veteran who he falsely accused of running over his foot with his mobility scooter.

On April 16 2016, Kevin Williams punched pensioner Ronald Walker in the face three times before kicking him so violently on the shins that the force of the blow almost knocked over the buggy.

Mr Walker is a war veteran who was on his way to visit friends at the British Heart Foundation shop in Union Street, Torquay, where he used to work as a volunteer.

He was left with blood streaming down his face from a wound to his nose, a black eye, and a gash on his shin which needed hospital treatment.

Kevin Williams has been jailed for an attack on a 90-year-old man on a mobility scooter Credit: CPS

42-year-old Kevin Williams, from Torquay, admitted actual bodily harm when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court by video link from Exeter Prison.

He was jailed for 20 months by Judge Graham Cottle.

The judge told Williams, "This was a completely unprovoked attack on a 90-year-old war veteran who used a mobility scooter. He is a well known figure in Torquay.

"You claimed, without foundation, he had run over your foot and proceeded to attack him by repeatedly punching him. You were verbally abusive and he suffered a black eye and bloody nose.

"Furthermore, you kicked him in the right shin causing substantial bruising and a cut. The force of the blow caused the scooter to shake violently from the impact.

"You proceeded to walk away, showing no remorse whatsoever and appearing completely unperturbed by what you had done."

The court heard a statement from a woman who knew the victim and was sat at a cafe nearby when it happened.

The court heard Kevin Williams had said he over-reacted because he was particularly sensitive about his legs as he suffers from deep vein thrombosis.