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Cornish language ice cream advert first in the UK

Green fields, cows and ice cream all feature in the first Cornish language TV advert which will air next week. Credit: Kelly's advert

A TV advert for ice cream will become the first in Britain to be entirely spoken in Cornish when it airs next week.

Ice cream manufacturer Kelly's of Cornwall is paying homage to its homeland with the 30-second advert, which will be screened on Monday on ITV and Channel 4.

Viewers will see a Cornish ice-cream seller standing in a field surrounded by cows speaking in his native tongue to promote Kelly's new range of take-home ice cream.

The advert for Kelly's Cornish ice-cream will air on Monday night on ITV and Channel 4. Credit: Kelly's advert

Apart from occasional English words, the ice cream seller enthusiastically talks about Kelly's parlour range, entirely in Common Cornish, before a voice-over, in English, says: "Kelly's: Cornish for ice cream."

The ad will be first screened on Monday at 8.15pm during Britain's Got Talent and will also appear later that night during an episode of Food Unwrapped on Channel 4 at 8.30pm

The agency behind the campaign, which will run for six weeks, worked with the Cornish Language Partnership to ensure the script was linguistically accurate.

Mark Trevethan, from the partnership, said: "We were really pleased to be asked to work with Kelly's on these projects."

"Although they're fun and entertaining, there's also a serious point being made about the important role of language in celebrating culture and heritage.

"We're looking forward to hearing Cornish spoken on national television in an advert for the first time."

Charlotte Hambling, from Kelly's parent company R&R Ice Cream UK Ltd, added:

"We hope our cheeky Cornish chap will make people smile whilst also driving home a more serious message."

The advert is part of a wider campaign to promote the Cornish language which supporters say is facing devastating funding cuts. Credit: Kelly's advert

The advert spoken in Common Cornish is:

Yma res nowydh kavadow a Kelly's Cornish ice cream hag yw as tasty as.

Hwi a yll kavos oll agan saweryow parledh an gwella, y'ga mysk Honeycomb

Crunch, Praline Caramel, hag ynwedh Berry Eton Mess<

Yth yw gwrys oll gans clotted cream (dhyworth bughes leel).<

Ha'n pyth yw moy, ymons i yn agas local supermarket, may hyllowgh take home six

new parlour flavours ... geddon!"

– Transcript of advert

The English translation of the advert is:

Geddon! Credit: Kelly's advert

"There's a new range of Kelly's Cornish ice cream available that is as tasty as.

You'll find all our parlour favourites, including, Honeycomb Crunch, Praline Caramel and even Berry Eton Mess.

It's all made with clotted cream (from local cows).

And what's more, they're in your local supermarket, meaning you can take home six new parlour flavours ... geddon!"

– English translation of advert