Pair attempt perilous cliff crossing on inch-thick slackline

A pair of slackliners attempted to cross Portland cliffs on just an inch-thick strap in an bid to break a World Record. Credit: John Gurd

Just a one-inch thick strap was all that separated two daredevils from a perilous tumble to the rocky beach below as they took on an adrenaline busting challenge.

Balancing precariously as they attempted to break a world record the two highline enthusiasts attempted to cross the jagged cliffs on the west coast of Portland.

Jediah Doohan, 24, who holds the previous record for the longest distance covered without falling, attempting to cross a line 210m long. Jacob Hirsh-Holland, 28, tried his luck at a shorter one, of nearly 140m.

Both of the lines have one strap, made of polyester or nylon, and a second rope that runs alongside for safety.

The two lines cross in a harness, meaning they are saved if they fall - only tumbling a few feet.

Credit: John Gurd

Mr Doohan held the world record in longest highline walk on a polyester line at 209 metres for just 15 days last year - but he beaten in October.

He did not cross without falling but will keep attempting the crossing.

Credit: John Gurd