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Construction begins on new home of Concorde

Passing overs thousands of spectators, Concorde touches down at Airbus UK's Filton airfield, Bristol, for the very last time in 2003. Photo: PA

Aerospace Bristol are holding a Ground Breaking Ceremony to mark the start of the construction of the new home of Concorde 216, the final Concorde to be built and the last Concorde to fly.

The ceremony will begin in listed hangar 16S that, in June 2017, will become the new Aerospace Bristol visitor attraction.

The sun sets on Concorde after the final flight into Filton, Bristol in 2003. Credit: PA

That we should find a fitting home for Concorde here at Filton is a statement and testimony to the achievements of everyone involved in the development, the production and the support of Concorde, and to the citizens of Bristol who are so proud of our aeroplane.

– Iain Gray, Chairman of the Bristol Aero Collection Trust

The ceremony marks the start of work on the new hangar, will eventually house Concorde 216 when it's finally built.