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Sing while you're winning - success on pitch makes us work harder

The weekend promises to be a huge one for West Country sport - the Chiefs bid to make history at Twickenham and lift the Premiership title at Twickenham.

Not to be outdone, Cornwall's rugby players contest the county championship final on Sunday - while on Monday, more than 30,000 fans will be roaring on Plymouth Argyle in the League 2 play off final.

Sing while you're winning - success on pitch makes us work harder Credit: ITV West Country

And, adding even more joy into the mix, some experts say our teams doing well on the pitch, means we're more likely to perform better at work - and businesses more likely to move here.

I think you have to recognise that in a globalised world where everyone is competing for Labour, competing for the right companies and to bring the right people to their area and to keep the right people in their area, that if you've got a really good offer of jobs of culture and of competitive sport as part of that jigsaw then it does help.

It helps when you're making the case to attract businesses to the area like the South West.

– Dr Andrew Dean, Employment Analyst, University of Exeter
Sporting success creates a feel-good factor Credit: ITV West Country

But for others - it's the immediate effect of sporting success that's creating a strong feel-good factor.

I think it is a positive impact I mean look let's be brutally honest times aren't good for a lot of people at the moment and if we've got something to cheer and something that we can talk positive about in the pubs and the cafes when they're out and about that's got to be good.

– Cllr Phil Bialyk, Exeter City Council
If our teams do well we're more likely to do well too Credit: ITV West Country

And it's the promise of an exciting weekend of sport that's created a real buss in Devon's two cities - as we found out in Exeter.

And, if there's a feel good factor among West Country sports fans now imagine what it will be like if the Chiefs, Cornwall and Argyle all win over the weekend!