A new generation of police dogs is born

Former Devon and Cornwall Police dog Sasha has given birth to nine pups - who will all get a chance to follow in her 'paw' steps.

The German Shepherd had her litter of three boy and six girl pups on 24 May.

They are all being cared for by Paul Glennon from the Devon and Cornwall Police Dog Unit who keeps Sasha as a pet and also runs the unit's Twitter feed.

The youngsters will be assessed to see if they are suitable for duty when they are seven to eight weeks old.

If they don't make the criteria, they will be sold on to new owners.

Their names will all start with a 'D' as the force is working its way through the alpabet. Officers are considering holding a competition to name them but not until they are at least two months old.

All nine pups - three boys and six girls Credit: @DC_PoliceDogs
Sasha and her police dog pups at three days old Credit: @DC_PoliceDogs