Commuter road into Bristol is a death trap say residents

The 4th serious accident on the road in 9 months Credit: ITV West Country

People living on one of the main commuter routes into Bristol say despite multiple accidents in recent months, no action is being taken to prevent more people being injured - or even killed.

Safety fears were raised by the community living on Rownham Hill near Leigh Woods back in March - Residents claim crashes are down to poor drainage and speeding motorists.

They're now urging North Somerset Council to take action to prevent more accidents.

The 4th serious accident on the road in 9 months Credit: ITV West Country

This is the fourth serious accident to happen on the A369 in nine months.

This car lost control and crashed into a tree.

Residents say this main commuter road into Bristol has become increasingly dangerous - because of an increase in surface water and motorists speeding round bends.

Residents say problems started when the council resurfaced the top of the road and put in new drains which quickly became blocked.

The drains regularly overflow say residents Credit: ITV West Country

But there's also a problem with motorists failing to stick to 30mph.

Police statistics show that in a 21 hour period more than 400 drivers were caught speeding on this road that's one every three minutes.

My own personal observations suggest that the road is perfectly safe if drivers stick to the speed limit and drive to the conditions.

Deputy Leader, North Somerset Council

But residents say the council needs to do more and quickly.

Before another serious accident happens - which next time could cost a life.