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Lottery winner 'screaming and dancing inside'

A 46-year old man from Trowbridge has scratched his way to a fortune – scooping a top prize on the £4 Million Black and Gold scratch card from National Lottery GameStore.

  • Watch Amadou Gillen as he celebrates his multi-million pound lottery win

The video shows Amadou Gillen celebrating this morning with a bottle of champagne - but he knew he had won as soon as he scratched his winning card.

I knew straight away I had won £4million!

I went back to work to finish my shift but I didn’t say anything to anyone – I was screaming and dancing inside. It was late when I finished my shift so I made a phone call back home.

I was so excited but didn’t tell them anything about the win – I just said I had got lucky and would let them know how lucky in time!

– Amadou Gillen, Lottery winner
Amadou Gillen has a whole list of things he plans to do with his newfound wealth Credit: ITV News

Amadou Gillen - who is originally from the Gambia but has lived in Wiltshire for 20 years - plans to:

  • Take an intensive driving course
  • Buy a new car
  • Buy his own home
  • Share his newfound wealth with close family
  • Help pay for his daughter to go to university in the UK
  • Hold a big family party
  • Go to Jamaica on holiday

One thing Mr Gillen is not going to do is go back to his job as as a kitchen manager at a pub chain in Trowbridge.

“The win is a life-changer for me. I can now tick all the boxes of everything I’ve ever wanted to do.

Once I’ve looked at how I’m going to invest the money, I will decide what else I want to do, but I have decided not to go back to work.”

– Amadou Gillen