Dinosaurs roam the streets of Truro

Dinosaurs on the streets of Truro Credit: ITV West Country

They became extinct millions of years ago but they're back in Truro this weekend - we're talking dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Zoo has just wowed audiences in London and it's expected to do the same here with puppeteering being used to bring the prehistoric creatures to life.

Thanks to the magic of the theatre the Dinosaur is alive and well and wandering around Cornwall.

Not everyone's convinced about their authenticity:

These Dinosaurs have come to this country all the way from Australia.

Shaun looks after the dinosaurs while they're on the road! Credit: ITV West Country

Well everyone loves dinosaurs. They are the science of imagination dinosaurs, these big giant things that used to roam around here. Roam around the world so it brings out the child in everyone.

Shaun Morton, Dinosaur keeper

The Dinosaur Zoo show is on at the Hall for Cornwall Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June.

See the dinosaurs in action here: