Arthur the Vulture spotted feasting in Somerset

Credit: Birds of Prey Displays

Arthur the Vulture has landed on his feet and is in high spirits after discovering a cow carcass.>The bird of prey spread his six foot wings and made off in high winds at a falconry display at the Royal Bath and West Showlast Wednesday. He's been spotted in Somerset and Wiltshire several times over the past five days but is now partying close to his smelly feast.

The dead cow had been left out in fields for foxes but Arthur has been up to his neck in gore for the the past two days.

Have you seen Arthur? Credit: Ben Potter

Arthur's owner, Ben Potter has had to return to his base in Yorkshire with seven other giant birds of Prey but will be back later in the week while a friend keeps an eye out for his errant bird.>Ben has flown Arthur 1100 times over the past ten years and has lost him a couple of times before, but says he can usually be attracted with a piece of meat. >This time Arthur has been turning up his nose, or rather viciously shaped curved beak, at Ben's offering now that his wishes have all come true regarding maggot ridden beef.