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Adorable baby penguin to be reunited with its colony

The chick won't be given a name until the keepers have determined whether it's a boy or a girl Credit: Weymouth Sea Life Centre

This penguin chick has been the star of the show over the weekend at the Weymouth Sea Life centre.

The baby was born in March to new parents Laurel and Cedar but had to receive specialist care from the Animal Care Team after its parents were unable to look after it.

Credit: Weymouth Sea Life

The chick had been spending time in its own special pen, but will now be gradually reintroduced to its family and the rest of the park's 14 penguins.

Credit: Weymouth Sea Life
weight of newborn penguin

Watch the little one in action here as Weymouth Sea Life Centre's senior aquarist Sarah Everett explains his situation.

Staff say the youngster is getting stronger and bolder and will soon be ready to join the colony - you can see it emerging from its little den at the start of the video.